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Peter Bleyleben

Peter Bleyleben

Dr. Peter R. von Bleyleben joined CommonAngels in 2007 and served on the Board from 2009–2011 and again from 2013 onwards. In joining the Investment Committee, Peter brings the powerful combination of a strategy consultant’s perspective and first-hand business leadership experience having co-founded, grown, and taken-public his own company. Peter also helps manage our investment in Tripleshot.

Born in the U.S. and raised in Austria, where Peter received his PhD from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, he was determined to return to the U.S. Peter went to Harvard Business School and upon graduating with distinction joined The Boston Consulting Group, Inc. (BCG) in Boston in 1978. He quickly climbed the ranks to Vice President and Director (partner-level) and built deep professional relationships, still strong today. During his nine years with BCG, Peter focused his strategic consulting practice on the financial services and telecom industries.

In 1987 Peter co-founded Microfinancial, Inc. (“MFI”) and served as CEO until October 2002, having lead the company from its founding through a successful IPO in 1999. Peter was the “professional management” for a group of sophisticated investors whose investment strategy was finding strong technologists with disruptive ideas and pairing them with experienced business-builders to start and grow companies. MFI did the opposite of industry peers who went up-market; instead, MFI leveraged technology to automate their entire business processes and therefore could efficiently handle a large flow of very small transactions. Under Peter’s leadership, the company took only modest seed financing and drove gross profit to finance business growth, a perspective he applies today while investing in early-stage companies. At the IPO price, Peter and his team delivered a 35x gain (excluding dividends) to his first round investors. After numerous years as Chairman, Peter served on MFI’s board and its Audit Committee until the sale of the company in early 2015.

Through his experiences at MFI and working with his group of investors, Peter honed the business principles he applies to his own investment filter. Peter looks to invest in capital-efficient businesses with proven management teams who can bring products to market quickly. Peter’s personal investment track record is very strong and he has also served as a board member on several private companies.
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